All relics offered on my website are guaranteed to be 100% genuine, you won't find any fakes here. Usually I personally know the person who dug each relic I offer and in most cases I obtained the relic directly from that person. When I obtain a relic from another source and don't personally know the digger my nearly 40 years experience in digging and handling dug Civil War relics guarantees that my experience is something you can trust. In other words you will receive nothing but the real thing. Guaranteed Forever! I will be happy to set up a lay-away plan that works for you. Shipping is actual cost. Also, images on this page can be slow to load because of the high resolution so you can more closely examine each item.

To order any item or ask questions you can email me at relichunt@comcast.net or you can call or text me at 540-229-4515.


Front Page Highlight Items:



1. CS Wreath -  Solid back variety. Found in Fauquier Co, VA. Will greatly enhance your not so perfect CS tongue. $300  View 1   View 2

2. Virginia Wreath - If you have this tongue, YOU need this wreath! Dug in Culpeper Co, VA.  $400   View 1   View 2   View 3

3. US Buckle - Very nice US Buckle with arrow style hooks. Dug in Culpeper Co, VA.  $225   View 1   View 2

4. US Buckle - Very nice US Buckle with arrow style hooks. Dug in Culpeper Co, VA.  $235   View 1   View 2

5. US Buckle - Very nice US Buckle with puppy paw style hooks. Dug in Culpeper Co, VA.   $235   View 1   View 2

6. US Eagle Breast Plate - Dug in Culpeper Co, VA. Still has original woods crust. Small rust spot on front. No hooks.   $150   View 1   View 2


7. Virginia Coat Button - VA 15 - Beautiful button with bent shank. Dug near Fredericksburg, VA. Button has nice gold. Horstman & Allien NY.  $199  View 1   View 2

8. Virginia Coat Button - VA 13A - Kent Paine Richmond back mark. The back is pushed in but solid and no shank. Dug in Madison Co, VA.  $60   View 1   View 2

9. New Hampshire Cuff Button - NH 6 - This nice New Hampshire button was dug in Centerville, VA. It is a good strong button.  $120   View 1   View 2

10. Connecticut Coat Button - CT 13 - Very nice Connecticut button dug near Fredericksburg, VA. Super slight push, hard to see. $55   View 1   View 2

11. Confederate Buttons - Group of 14 broken Confederate buttons include 4 Louisiana, 1 Mississippi I, 1 Georgia cuff, 1 Virginia cuff, 1 Block A, 4 NC, 2 Block I.  $199   View


12. Early Pattern Zinc Schenkl Combination Fuse - Dug within the past few years at Brandy Station, VA. $25   View


13. CSA Stock Certificate - It is Criswell number 103 and Ball number 139. The $20000 certificate serial number 517 was issued on 15 August 1862.  $150  View 1   View 2

Civil War Period News Papers:

14. The South - Baltimore, Monday Evening, August 12, 1861. Ready for framing to hang on the wall. Will look great in your relic room.   $55   View


15. Robert E. Lee Wall Mount - This bust of General Lee likely hung in a UCV hall. It looks to be made of cast iron with nickle plate. It's about 9.5 inches tall.  $50   View

Collector Bullets:

16. US Base Three Ringer - Dug in Fauquier Co, VA. This bullet has it's good side as well as it's bad side. Displays nicely.   $35   View 1   View 2   View 3

Bulk Bullets:

17. 75 Fired Bullets - Mostly Three Ringers and Sharps along with some Gardners and Ringtails. All dug in Virginia.  $70  View

Carved Lead:

18. Field Made Lead Nipple Protector - Field made by soldiers after the original was lost or broken.   $13   View 1   View 2

19. Carved Short Enfield Plug Base - A Confederate soldier camped in Culpeper Co, VA carved his initials "CR" into this bullet. It's a beauty.   $23   View

Misc Items:

20. Mosby's Raiders Print - Large 13X20 Photo/Print of Mosby's Raiders. Still sealed in factory wrap, ready for framing.   $15   View

21. Post War General Service Button - GI 98 1875-1902  Horstman Philadelphia back mark. It's cheap!   $5   View 1   View 2

22. Reproduction Mississippi Sword Belt Plate - Found years after a Cedar Mountain re-enactment. Can you imagine the sinking feeling?   $45   View 1   View 2

23. Reproduction Alabama Volunteer Corp Buckle - Good quality reproduction, perfect for your digging belt or for wear at formal occasions!    $20   View 1 View 2

24. US Ames 1945 Entrenching Tool - Good digging shovel. It has been used for many years but is still solid with no cracks.   $30   View